County Carers information days and events 2017

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Luke Clements 4th May 2017

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Transitions event and information at Stamford College

19th and 20th April 2017

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23rd February, Luke Clements  on transitions at Bishops Grostesste University Lincoln.

Professor Luke Clements Conducted the first day of a two day seminar on transitions for us in Lincoln on the 23rd of February 2017.

For Mp3 recordings of the talks that he gave, and handouts of the slides to go with them, please click on the links below. We have included them on our website because we appreciate that not all Lincolnshire carers who wanted to attend could actually do so.

You will need to download the Mp3 recordings, because they are too big to stream directly from the cloud storage that we are using to store them in. Just click on the download button that appears once you have clicked the 'play' symbol. Please don't be alarmed by Google saying 'Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses' because they are too big, they really aren't that big.

Recording of the morning talk on transitions from children's to adult services. This session is just under 2 hours long. (139Mb)

Handout for the transitions talk (PDF)

Recording of the afternoon session on independence and some relevant case law. This session is one and a half hours long.(114Mb)

Handout for the independence talk (PDF)